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Exotic Avocado are documenters of the underground and we are NEVER FOR PROFIT. It started as a podcast and internet radio show, but the madness could not be restricted to just the ears. Sonido del Valle, The Show provide the visual stimulation! We offer a curated selection of performances, reviews, and creative expressions. Some things are written and created by us, but our friends also love to participate in the futile attempt to bring meaning to our existence in la la land.


We do accept submissions for publication or review. But please send a link, do not bombard our email with all of your lossless files. If you do mail something to our P.O. Box, you will not be getting it back even if you send a SASE, we’re just too lazy. Lastly, please read this legal statement:

By submitting content (including but not limited to emails, video recordings, artwork, and music) (each and collectively, the or your “Submission”) to Exotic Avocado (“Us”), you consent and agree to be bound by each and every term and condition outlined herein:

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