LIVE NOTES: Asstronauts @ the Offbeat

After the fog had cleared only the applause remained. Los Boulevards had just capped off a night at the Offbeat Bar filled with suspense, funk, and singing luchadors. Local madman Bipolarte, back from a tour in Chicago, continued his journey towards 200 shows in a year. The one man show performed his bipolar rock opera as a non-stop track provided only a few moments to catch a breath.

The stars of the night, though, were the Asstronauts. The East Los standouts delivered a set filled with crowd favorites, such as “Space Lady,” but also performed something more recent with “Tractor Beam.” Both of these songs showed the band’s growth from a catchy verse-chorus-verse in the former to the latter’s more adult oriented funk. With driving bass lines and banging polyrhythmic patterns the Asstronauts are gangster music. The set was recorded and will air on the next Exotic Avocado podcast on July 25th. In addition, the band will play the next 2nd Saturdays event on Aug. 12th at the Harvard Yard Bar in Ktown.

The Offbeat bar in Highland Park provides live local music every Wednesday for free.


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